When Coves first stumbled across our path, Clash filed them as a highly promising shoegaze act.

Since then, though, the duo have dropped the 'shoegaze' aspect to amplify their promise. Working with a variety of guest producers, Coves have been experimenting, stockpiling material which seems them spark off in countless new directions.

Upcoming single 'Beatings' is a case in point. With those driving, Spector-esque drums and that sweeping grandeur, theirs is a teenage melodrama fuelled by a passion for noise.

Mixed by Brendan Lynch, the single is set to be released on 12 inch vinyl and as a digital download. Swirling psychedelia with visceral edge, 'Beatings' comes equipped with a striking, tripped out video.

Matching a widescreen woodland shot to visual effects, the video matches brutal technology to a bewitching, otherworldly atmosphere.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Beatings' is set to be released on November 11th. Coves have confirmed the following show:

7 London Electrowerkz

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