Electric Light

Let's get this out of the way first: the ongoing psychedelic resurgence needed by viewed as some kind of retro love affair with the past.

At heart, psychedelia is an inherently future-minded genre, one which fuses pop culture with technology to explode in countless different dimensions. It's a trip, for sure, but one that needn't be a trip back in time.

Younghusband are a case in point. Sure, their vision of psychedelia has its antecedents, its points of inspiration but the group are continually looking ahead, continually seeking new ways to explore what is possible rather what has already been achieved.

Retreating to the studio, the band hooked up with Deerhunter cohort Nicolas Vernhes to work on fresh material. The results are gathered on new album 'Dromes' which will be released through ever-inspiring house of fuzz Sonic Cathedral on September 16th.

Upcoming single 'Silver Sisters' is set to gain a full release as part of Cassette Store Day (September 7th, write it down!) and by way of a preview Clash have been able to grab something tasty from the release.

B-side 'Electric Light' is a fizzing, roaring piece of music which seems to emphasise the strange, unknown heart of the psychedelic template. The chiming riff is layered in effect over effect, giving the whole thing the feel of a double exposed photograph - a ghostly second instrument lingering in the stereo.

Soaring to the outer boundaries of the consciousness, Younghusband are Icarus explorers, their wings singed by repeated visits to the sun.

Listen to it now.

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