Never Never, Just Not Now
Hawk Eyes

It came from the North.

If punk was a London explosion, and metal was born in the Midlands then the North of England - that vast, great expanse - can lay claim to some of the finest rock music made this decade. A network of club nights, labels and zines, it's places like Sheffield, Bradford and Leeds which have provided some of the most visceral, future minded guitar music of late. 

Hawk Eyes sit squarely in this lineage. A deeply independent phenomenon, last year's full length 'Ideas' earned both national and international acclaim.

Taking time off the road, the band returned to a friend's studio in Bradford to lay down new material. Sessions took place in the opening weeks of 2013, with Hawk Eyes often battling through snow to reach the empty studio.

The results are gathered on new EP 'That’s What This Is'. Out on August 19th, it's a taut, bristling return, one packed with energy and invention.

By way of a preview, Clash are able to stream new cut 'Never Never, Just Not Now'. One of the band's more straight ahead, hell for leather moments there are nonetheless math rock flourishes, rhythmic ticks and stutters which undercut the powering, blood curdling vocals.

Listen to it now.

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