'Strange And Beautiful'
Asami Zdrenka

Asami Zdrenka could well be familiar to you.

A striking figure, the young artist earned fame and a Top 10 album with pop phenomenon Neon Jungle.

Now focussing on solo work, Asami Zdrenka is ready to strike out on her own. Looking inward, the songwriter has been focussing on what truly inspires her, what truly moves her.

Deciding to cover a few tracks close to her heart, the singer went into the studio for a series of stripped down, completely open recording sessions.

Aqualung's 'Strange And Beautiful' was laid down, a piano-laden tale of love and alienation. Clearly touching a chord with Asami, she declares it to be "one of very few songs that I have heard where I can really feel and relate to every single word the artist has written."

Check it out now.

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