'Muscle & Bone'
John Joseph Brill

The songwriting of John Joseph Brill isn't something to be immediately swallowed and digested.

Rather, it's to be savoured slowly. Rather like whisky, it's designed to sit on the palette a while, to be slowly absorbed and appreciated.

New EP 'Pieces' drops on February 23rd, and finds the Merseyside songwriter on inquisitive form. Continually probing, searching, John Joseph Brill feels that this EP isn't so much a departure as an arrival.

“The Pieces EP was the catalyst for creative awakening,” he reveals. “With ‘Pieces’ I found myself empowered with a new-found ability to articulate things never previously said aloud.”

Clash is able to premiere the video for powerful new cut 'Muscle & Bone'. Gently intoned, the sparse arrangement lends a form of intensity to the track, with John Joseph Brill's steady baritone pushing the lyrics into some quite dark places.

Check it out now.

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