Acid King City

Something seems to be happening to British guitar music.

For too long a polite, underachieving cousin to its Stateside sibling, the past 12 months have witnessed a flushing of energy, an increase in momentum. But this isn't some scene, some niche sub-genre to peg a new HypeMachine tag onto - what marks these groups out is their individualism, their willingness to tread their own path.

LOOM are a case in point. The band first caught our attention when their debut release - the shock horror 'Bleed On Me' cassette - sold out within a matter of hours. Working with label-of-the-moment Hate Hate Hate, follow up 'I Get A Taste' was all rama-lama caveman thrills and psychotic guitar lines.

It's difficult to know where to place LOOM. There's a primordial, grunge slime sticking to those riffs, as well as a heavy psychedelic element - think Hawkwind's more out there moments, when Lemmy managed to slide behind the mic. New track 'Acid King City' is perhaps their most perfect moment yet.

Out now via Hate Hate Hate, it was produced by Spiritualized cohort John Coxon and Pepper Andnly. The results are striking. Each note of their guitar seems to burrow down into yr skull, an expressway to the subconscious mind that doesn't fear stepping into some dark places.

'Acid City King' is garage rock bathed in hallucinogenics, the grunge kids opening themselves up to a brutalist mysticism.

Download it below.

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