Music – good music, powerful music - taps into something primitive, something which sits close to the core of who we are.

Lulacruza are billed as an 'electro-shamanic' project, a duo from South American who utilise electronic instruments to create a meditative, trance-like effect.

Preparing the visual album 'Esperando el Tsunami' for a March release, the pair will then follow this with the full, traditional, album 'Orcas' in April.

The visual album features videos shot by Vincent Moon, and Clash is delighted to be able to share a segment with you.

'Lagunita' is a drone-like, entrancing piece of music, with the fragile female vocals set against a sparse yet moving arrangement.

A pair of contrasting quotes:

"My grandma has lived in the same block for the past 35 years in Bogota, Colombia. Even though she's in the middle of the city, there used to be a lake there, and the memory of the water that was there for perhaps hundreds of years is still alive. The song Lagunita was born on a new moon night on that land, and it felt like the lagoon spirit was coming through, still present despite the concrete buildings." - Alejandra, lulacruza 

"We filmed Lagunita in the middle of the Guajira Desert in northeast Colombia for a family of Wayuu (local indigenous community). When performing it, we all entered into a deep trance, nobody moved or made a sound for minutes after we ended. It's as if we had tapped into the spirit of water, hidden deep within the desert." - Luis, lulacruza 

Check out the video now.

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