November Skies (Nite Jewel Remix)
November Skies

Some things are just ahead of their time.

Emerging unannounced on the web earlier this year, 'November Skies' saw Tomas Barfod step tentatively out of the shadows. Better known for his role in WhoMadeWho, the drummer turned producer revealed a canny knack for fragmented, ethereal house textures.

Much blogged a out, 'November Skies' saw the producer trade inspiration with serene Swedish vocalist Nina Kinert. Full length statement 'Salton Sea' followed, with Tomas Bardfod gaining widespread critical acclaim for his light, Impressionistic touch.

'November Skies' gains a full single release this week, backed with remixes from Nite Jewel, Sepalcure, Jerome LOL, Touchy Mob and others. ClashMusic has grabbed an exclusive stream of the Nite Jewel remix, with the American producer adding something special to the mix.

Playing with Nina Kinert's vocals, Nite Jewel pitches the melody down to create a haunting duet. Adding some bass textures, the crackling snare hits are reminiscent of UK Garage - albeit flushed through experimental tape culture.

Stream it below.

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'November Skies' is out now.


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