Part of the Echoes

Embers seem to thrive on pure sound.

Sure, the songwriting is mature, developed and the lyrics are crisp, cutting but as a sonic document, as a feast for the ears the band are difficult to ignore.

Vast, sweeping shifts in dynamic, huge, leaping changes between mood, atmosphere, each track from Embers seems to have some sense of the epic attached to it.

New single 'Part Of The Echoes' is a wonderful example. Even that title - disappearing into sound, swallowed by dissonance - appears to suggest a group who are devoted to the noise they make, who commit themselves utterly to making what we can only describe as a bloody lovely racket.

Out on Monday (July 8th) Embers decided to commission an extra remix. Public Service Broadcasting step in to produce the 'Echo Chamber Mix' which is heavy on retro electronics and reverb swamped vocals which seem to pirouette up into the rafters.

It's a curiosity, for sure, but an incredibly beautiful one nonetheless. Listen to it now.

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Embers have confirmed a pair of headline shows:

9 London Sebright Arms
11 Manchester Sacred Trinity Church

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Photo Credit: Sebastian Mathes


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