Track Of The Day 27/9 – Elanor Moss

'Sorry Song'

Yorkshire songwriter Elanor Moss has a stark subtlety that bowls you over in its intensity.

Debut EP ‘Citrus’ landed earlier this year, a collection of spartan musicality driven forwards by her wonderful voice. Reminiscent of Vashti Bunyan in its hushed tones, there are also shades of Joanna Newsom’s dynamic originality.

A new EP is incoming, recorded in Brooklyn alongside frequent collaborator Oli Deakin (Lowpines, CMAT). Building outwards from her debut, she embraces warming textures, unusual instrumentation, and a certain emotional directness.

Online now ‘Sorry Song’ is an empathetic return, with its organic textures and beautifully layered elements reaching towards an intimate form of communication. Lyrically, Elanor Moss dubs ‘Sorry Song’ a “turning point” in her work, with the songwriter opening herself outwards.

She comments…

“I wrote ‘Sorry Song’ for someone who I really wanted to thank. I wanted to thank them for looking out for me when I needed someone to. The apology is for the fact that at the time I couldn’t really do the same for them. It marked a turning point for me in my songwriting; although it’s an introspective song, it’s directed outwards. I was in a place where I could examine through songwriting how I affect other people and not just how they affect me. I guess it’s me taking responsibility, in a way.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Mon Levchenkova

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