Track Of The Day 27/4 – feeo


feeo relishes subtlety. An artist whose work exudes spartan creativity, her minimalist approach to pop electronica makes use of minutiae, and this proves to be all the difference.

Her incoming EP ‘Ah, Hunger!’ is bold in its nuance, with each song attempting to translate human emotions into sound. A kind of emotive synethesia, her twilight musings cast introversion out on to the listening world.

Discussing her methodologies, she comments:

“Each song in ‘Ah, hunger!’ depicts an encounter with hunger in the form of an entity, an anthropomorphised representation of human desires or needs. I formatted them in this way after a lot of research into transactional relationships between humans and deities across various pagan/ folk practices, specifically inspired by the tension lying between prayer and sacrifice.”

New song ‘Iris’ is online now, and its emblematic of the way feeo approaches music. Striking, finely hewn, the spectral digital production edges alongside her nimble vocal, while in a sweet touch her partner – improviser and composer Caius Williams – also contributes.

She writes…

“‘Iris’ is a letter to a friend. While Iris is away exploring the natural world, sky and sea, I find myself in the confines of a city, chasing dreams rooted in ambition. The song is a reflection on my shifting desires as I moved into adulthood, as I found myself yearning to witness the world in technicolour; yet chose to stay and attempt to create something permanent.” 

A true all-rounder, feeo also handles the remarkable video, a truly intimate experience.

Tune in now.

‘Ah, Hunger!’ will be released on June 1st.

Photo Credit: feeo

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