Aurora II (Ignatius Reilly Remix)
Sunless 97

The night time is the right time.

Dance music has always played with the concept of a night, of an evening, of a space in time. A certain mythology has built up around the twilight hours, veering between agony and ecstasy, euphoria and melancholy.

It's something which Sunless '97 play with on their new release. 'Aurora I / II' describes both feelings, both human tendencies towards moonlight - there's the shimmering, club feeling of the A-side and the dark, noir infested self-doubt of the flip.

No need to dwell on our words, though - here's a quote from the London trio. "Both songs are about dawn, about the two opposite spectrums of a relationship with that time of day. The ‘never lonely’ lyric in ‘Aurora I’ is key to the feeling of that song. The euphoric vibes of walking home after a night of dancing, feeling content, at peace and not ‘lonely’ even though you are walking home alone. ‘Aurora II’ is the darker side of being up all night again and again and not being in such a good place. Being sick of the moonlight."

Out now on Not Even, the tracks include percussion from Tom Skinner while David Wrench steps in on mixing duties. Remixes come courtesy of UK house newcomer F.E.A.R. alongside the legend that is Luke Solomon, but for Track of the Day we've dug up something special.

Ignatius Reilly has stepped in to remix 'Aurora II' and the results are pretty special. Late night house Impressionism, it's hazy glow is both enticing and worrying - there's an emptiness here, a hollowness which reflects the introspective vocals.

Listen to it now.


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