Hide (Alexander Maier)
Kris Menace

Sometime you have to go backwards in order to go forwards.

Kris Menace steals from the full spectrum of electronic music. Disco with a house twist, techno with an Industrial flair... you name it, he’s half-inched the drum loop and patched together a tearaway synth sound.

But what always comes through is the sheer force of Kris Menace’s character. New album ‘Features’ is the first to feature the producer as a vocalist, with Miss Kitten, Robert Owens, Romanthony and more stepping into his disco palace.

All cocaine numb atmospherics, lazer synths and Studio 54 poses, ‘Features’ is a carefree romp through the abandoned futures of early house music.

Lead single ‘Hide’ features Miss Kitten, who manages to summate the solitary disco Futurism of Kris Menace almost perfectly.

The weirdest thing is: Kris and I never met... I can imagine the album being an extension of his reality, an imaginary world where strong values and fantasy come together. His music is solid, incredible production skills, with an Italo disco-ish-French touchy twist... After working on millions versions, Kris turned the song into a superb space disco ballad, more subtle, more beautiful than the original. I am so glad he did that. That's when collaboration is successful, pushing each other forward.”  

Here’s Alexander Maier’s remix of ‘Hide’.

‘Hide’ is set to be released on December 3rd.


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