I'll Wait (RackNRuin Remix)
Bebe Black

On the surface, bass culture and the pop industry are mutually exclusive areas.

One is bass on exploration, on surfing the infinite seas of sub-low. The other, meanwhile, tends to be concerned with money - becoming bigger and bigger, at the expense of artistic integrity.

Yet a new breed of performers are bringing the two together. Bebe Black looks like a pop idol: model good looks, she is signed to Columbia and is being widely tipped to storm the charts.

But that isn't all. The singer has collaborated with dubstep pioneer Benga, and is spearheading a wave of new artists who are charging down the barriers to bring a little bass weight to the charts.

Recent single 'I'll Wait' (check out the original video here) is rapidly becoming a standout for the singer. An anthem awaiting a moment worth of it, guest producer RackNRuin has stepped in on remix duties.

Chopping up the vocals, RackNRuin plays with each layer of the song to find a renewed sense of urgency.

Listen to it now.

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