'Dust Clears' (Thom alt-j remix)
Clean Bandit

Bass is a commonplace yet indefinable substance.

Benga knows about bass. So too do Shy FX and Congo Natty. But then, Beethoven had a famed love for bass frequencies, with the lower end of the sonic spectrum permeating everything from classical music to pop and back again.

It's a universe which Clean Bandit are attempting to swallow whole. Live, the London group are a swirling mixture of Amen breaks and Ragga beats, with classical strings thrown in for good measure.

Recently selling out XOYO in London, each new show seems to rise in capacity. Currently recording their debut album, Clean Bandit are set to release new single 'Dust Clears' on Monday (July 29th).

The digital package for the single (pre-order it here!) features bonus remixes from Russ Chimes and Friendly Fires' own Jack Savidge, each presenting their own take on the band's sound.

However for our latest Track of the Day exclusive Clash have opted for something a little more left field.

alt-j drummer Thom Green is emerging as a talented producer in his own right, handling a number of remixes. Piecing apart 'Dust Clears' he adds an experimental sensibility, in line with the fractured, forward thinking songcraft of his day job.

Listen to it now.

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