'Come Calling'
Track Of The Day 24/6 - John J. Presley

John J. Presley seems to specialise in a certain directness.

It's there in his songwriting, a strong, resolute sense of musicality which cuts through like a razor. For his next release, the songwriter decided to pair up with a producer who knows a thing or two about stark, raw recording.

Liam Watson runs Toe Rag studios in East London, famed for its analogue equipment. New EP 'White Ink' is the result, and it bares all the hallmarks of a quintessential Toe Rag recording.

The songwriter explains: “recording at that hallowed space in London gives you a limited spectrum as you don't have a thousand plugins to play with or hours to kill. It's very performance based and the truest sound I've ever heard of myself.”

Out on July 24th, Clash is able to trail the EP with new track 'Come Calling'. Blues driven, it gets straight to the heart of the matter - tune in below.

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