When We Were On Fire
James Bay

Love is often the most difficult thing to talk about.

Exposing your true feelings, opening up and allowing those around you to gain access to your most intimate thoughts - doesn't sound all that pleasant, does it?

Pop music's relationship with love is littered with false starts, mis-firings and all out disasters. If it's tough to talk about love, then imagine how difficult it must be to set those feelings to music... 

Yet James Bay has mastered it. Only 22 years old, the young songwriter's debut EP 'The Dark Of The Morning' is dominated by the spectre of love, by the inspiration only passion can afford.

The title cut is already online, but Clash is able to bring you something special. 'When We Were On Fire' is a stern, storming track which displays Bay's voice to full effect. The arrangement lingers on a folk influence, with those chopping acoustic chords hinting at a love of prime Americana.

Yet it's the lyrics which really impress - delicately approaching the decline of a relationship, there's a weight of experience here which is unusual in someone so young.

Listen to it now.

- - -

'The Dark Of The Morning' is set to be released on July 22nd.

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