'Kolor' (Main Mix)
Mirko Loko

Often, young electronic producers focus on impact over form.

Front-loading their releases, these artists aim to thrill by smashing out idea after idea in a short spell.

Mirko Loko, though, is happy to let things gestate, to operate at his own pace and let each idea, each vignette breathe.

Upcoming album 'Comet Plan' drops shortly via Cadenza, with Mirko Loko continuing his idiosyncratic journey through techno's more spacious regions.

Clash is able to premiere new cut 'Kolor' and it's something special. Stretching out towards the ten minute mark, the sheer imagination on show is breath-taking.

'Blade Runner' synths collide with metallic percussive shards with the producer beautifully layering each component atop one another.

Check it out now.

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