Sega Bodega

Glasgow is often defined by a particular attitude - a hyperactive, in-yer-face quality that propels the city's denizens to great heights.

To the locals, it's a quality which would no doubt be called 'gallus'. Cramming as much energy into one spot as possible, it's the fuel which fires the city's music scene.

Sega Bodega is a case in point. Real name Salvador Navarrete, the producer has been tagged alongside so-called Maximalist producers such as fellow Glasgow types Hudson Mohawke and Rustie. The reality, though, is despite the approach baring some parallels Sega Bodega has a deeply individual voice.

Large, lairy and thoroughly over the top, debut EP '34' sees the light of day through London based label Week of Wonders this week. Five tracks of percussion, chopped up dancefloor Futurism, the EP displays a neon imagination, matching experimentation with a rare sense of fun.

As a preview, ClashMusic have been granted the exclusive first play of 'Tantarantana'. Borrowing hip hop's low slung swagger and matching it to bass saturation, you can listen to it below.

- - -

'34' is out now via Week of Wonders.


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