'Broken Flowers' (Sega Bo-bootleg)
Sega Bodega

Once of Glasgow now ensconced in London, Sega Bodega is a quietly fascinating production.

Sharing the glistening, chrome-plated hyper-reality occupied by Hudson Mohawke and Rustie, the producer swaps their metallic sheen for something gentler, rather more feminine.

Set to play a special Clash x Electric Selection party at Hackney's rather fine Oslo establishment this Thursday (September 25th), Sega Bodega shares a bill alongside LV and Joshua Idehen.

Ahead of this, you can soak up Sega Bodega's 'Broken Flowers' bootleg. Perhaps the most obviously beautiful moment of PC Music thus far, the producer grabs those synths - sharp, brittle, tinged with a coming melancholia - and adds his own vivid palette.

Sparking pointers between PC Music and early grime - those mobile phone chirrups, the frenzied, ADHD nature of the creative process - it's a lucid yet dream-like re-work.

Check it out now.

Sega Bodega is set to play Hackney Oslo on Thursday (September 25th) - TICKET LINK.

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