'Ibogance' (Ikonika Remix)
Big Dope P

Big Dope P likes to travel.

The French producer is almost continual demand, resulting in a weekly schedule that can cross countries or continents, even.

Along the way, he pillages what he can find. Fusing house with trap, footwork's frenetic sprawl to techno's precision, Big Dope P has evolved into a potent, enormously distinctive voice.

New EP 'Hit Da Blockk' emerges on shortly on Nightwave's Heka Trax label, featuring a plethora of collaborations and remixes.

Clash is able to premiere something pretty special. Hyperdub aligned producer Ikonika steps in to give 'Ibogance' a complete overhaul, turning in something which has the frenetic, jittering tempo of footwork but with the clinical futurism of techno.

An onward rush of spellbinding ideas, you can check it out below.

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