Modern Magic

A club is a space where life happens.

Sure, the abiding image of club existence may be a capacity crowd sweating euphoria through the each note, but if you leaf through your own memories a different picture emerges. Manoeuvring into your own space, the night seems to swing between rejection and acceptance.

Somewhere between these twin poles exists Brassica. Deciding to spend the year experimenting, the English producer shattered perceptions of what he could achieve by looking within himself and his own experiences. Real name Michael Anthony Wright, Brassica has bound together these experimentations on a new EP.

'Temple Fortune' is out now and finds the producer using brittle Techno tones, springy Italo Disco beats and lush House textures. Alongside this, though, are shades of the punk-punk era with the low slung bass lines worth comparing to Joy Division or Cabaret Voltaire.

Above all, though, what emerges is a depiction of Brassica's inner self, the distillation of a lifetime spent in front of a soundsystem. Try 'Modern Magic'. The bass line thuds in like a fist, before the synths shimmer past in some Italo cocaine cocoon.

Listen to it now... 


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