In a way, each band exists in two separate spaces.

Try as you might, it's impossible to retain that live feel in a studio setting. Equally, it's almost impossible to re-create a recorded document perfectly with the glare of an audience upon you.

It's a curious dynamic. Danish group Pinkunoizu delivered their debut album 'Free Time!' last year, a document of quite blissful, beautiful noise. Heading out on the road, the band soon found themselves being pushed in different directions.

Heading back into the studio to record a new EP, Pinkunoizu abandoned plans to faithfully re-create their live sound as this simply wasn't feasible. Quickly gaining a life of its own, the resulting recordings sit somewhere between live documentation and studio experimentation. In short: a space of their own.

Andreas Pallisgaard explains: "We initially wanted to make a pure, live documentation from the sound we had built together whilst touring, but I think in the end we always find it a bit boring to just do that. Listening to our music on record should be more of a fictionalized space rather than an attempt to present something as being real and happening in front of the listener when it in fact is not."

It's this 'fictionalized space' which is most interesting. New EP 'Second Amendment' is a blur of feedback thrills and melody, with Pinkunoizu crafting a fog of ideas which seems to whip and whirl around your ears.

Out via Manchester based label Everybody's Talking, Pinkunoizo have handed a swift 'Second Amendment' preview to ClashMusic.

Listen to 'Moped' now.

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Photo Credit: Hanne Hvatman


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