It's Sexy Outside

The internet has had a shattering effect on hip hop.

The original sampling art form, the genre became staid, solidified as the new Millennium dawned. Since then, though, the web has allowed a generation of producers to share ideas, with technology hammering the boom bap template into submission.

Dolor first caught our attention via his 'DRUGS' mixtape. In terms of invention, the producer earned zero points for the title but maximum points for the music - a heady mixture of Codeine beats, smoky samples and a production style which melted a softly as butter.

New EP 'Misteria' finds the beatsmith charging ahead. Accepting ideas from rave culture, Detroit techno and Golden Age hip hop, Dolor's material has the feeling of existing out with time; looking both forwards and backwards, 'Misteria' feels like an aggregation point, a junction for disparate genres.

Take 'It's Sexy Outside'. Mocking title aside, this is sheer musical fantasy - bass saturation driven by a cinematic sweep, the track has an epic feel which flirts with a casual euphoria.

Listen to it now.

- - -

'Misteria'is set to be released on April 15th.


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