Ash Tree Lane (Tom Vek Remix)

Technology is changing the way music is made, but it is also providing bands with fresh distribution channels.

Primarily used to swap animated Gifs of kittens wearing Santa hats (trust us.. it's hilarious) Tumblr was recently flipped on its head by four enterprising Americans. Seizing on the social network as a means of getting their music out there, MS MR began releasing material on Tumblr, using it as an interactive distribution network.

The results have been impressive. Flying out to the UK earlier this year, MS MR played a series of intimate shows with each date seeming to be more rammed than the last. Gathering their stand out material onto a full EP, 'Candy Bar Creep Show' emerged last month and only served to fuel the hype.

Intelligently pieced together synth pop, MS MR are the sort of bands Scandinavians have been boasting about for almost a decade. Shimmering, seductive electronic music the four piece match their impressive production to hooks which grab hold of your coat lapels and refuse to let go.

ClashMusic have been granted an exclusive Tom Vek remix as a little interim treat. The English producer comes with a sizeable reputation, and proceeds to pick apart MS MR's recent cut 'Ash Tree Lane' with devastating precision.

Patching it together in fine style, Tom Vek seems to grab hold of MS MR's pop centre and bring it out for new exploration. Oh, and it's yours for the price of an email...


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