'Wrap Up'

That old quietLOUD formula is one of the oldest tricks in the book – but we fall for it every time.

False-Heads have this pattern nailed. Unlike most new groups, though, this isn’t simply about smashing down on a distortion pedal and hoping for the best – each part, each melody is carefully refined, expertly thought out.

Sure, the band know how to rock out, to raise the spirits of Mudhoney, Dinosaur Jr. or even My Bloody Valentine but False-Heads also have a soft side. Frontman Luke Griffiths cites Elliott Smith as a major influence: “he had a way of mixing melody into the words that's just completely original and beautiful, along with Radiohead, Smith is a huge influence to our songwriting”.

New EP ‘Wear And Tear’ drops on March 23rd via Hi4Head Records, with Clash able to premiere lead cut ‘Wrap Up’.

Propulsive, energetic songwriting, those pastoral, deeply English melodies are matched against a raw sense of destruction. Check it out now.

Photo: Kerri Lacey

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