Track Of The Day 22/2 – Amie Blu


Amie Blu has the patience of a saint. For her, artistry isn’t something to be hurried – she takes her time, with her fastidious approach steering R&B songcraft into new, personal, and vastly expressive spaces.

Debut EP ‘5 For U’ landed last Spring, and it marked the South London artist as a fresh voice within UK R&B. Soulful and empathetic, her work carried a poetic quality, while the choice of production resulted in something deeply atmospheric.

New single ‘powder’ is out now, a poignant return from the 19-year-old. Humble the Great produces the song, and it deals with addiction from a viewpoint that is both sympathetic yet unrelenting. A sobering listen, ‘powder’ unpicks old truths to find new expression.

“I wrote ‘powder’ from the perspective of watching a friend lose themselves, feeling helpless as they found comfort in drugs”, she explains. “Taking a step back, I realised how universal that experience can be and how it speaks for the unhealthy coping mechanisms we use to navigate our lives.”

Amie adds: “I really wanted the production and the mix to match the honesty of the song. You can hear the breaths I take, and we recorded the piano on an iPhone to make it feel dark and muddy.”

Tune in now.

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