Streetlights (Wild Cub Rework)
Wild Cub

What the hell is going on in Nashville right now?

The Tennessee city seems to be in the throes of a creative resurgence, with new group after new group emerging from the area. Amid this torrent of new music, though, Wild Cub still impress.

Perhaps it's the sheer power of their song craft. Not ones to shy away, Wild Cub - hinging on vocalist Keegan Dewitt and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Bullock - are desperate to build something epic, something anthemic, something huge.

To a large extent they succeed. Wild Cub's debut album 'Youth' is packed to the gunnels with songs which stretch across valleys, leap above mountains and show disdain for other impossible feats.

Working independently, 'Youth' was initially only made available via BandCamp. Due to demand, though, Wild Cub are set to join forces with No Shame Records for a limited vinyl pressing. Out on May 28th, the duo have decided to celebrate by sharing something special with ClashMusic readers.

'Streetlights' is a highlight from their debut LP, the sort of swooping, swooning songcraft which made the band so sought after in the first place. Playing with the structure, Wild Cub have flipped the song on its head for an exclusive, house led re-work.

Listen to it below.

'Youth' will be available on vinyl in the UK from May 28th.

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