Blue House

Blue House are rather reclusive.

Hinging on James Howard and Ursula Russell - formerly of Fiction and Drop Out Venus, respectively - the pair make strange, beguiling pop music.

There are shades of left field indie pop here - think Sarah Records and you'd be close - but, really, the project sounds utterly distinct. "My listening habits became quite strange over the summer, I was just listening to a handful of songs over and over again, probably into the thousands of plays." Howard explains. "Why, and what effect that had, I'm not sure, but I think it did something."

Sealing themselves away from the world, Blue House continued down a deeply individual path. Playing a one off show at London's White Heat night last week, the duo are set to release new single 'Hot Air Balloons' on December 11th.

Clash is able to air the flip, and it's an acoustic gem. Low key but all the better for it, the under-stated delivery only enhances the power of the songwriting.

Check it out now.

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