Hooded Fang

Hooded Fang are a mess. A jumble. A mixed up mosaic that never quite coalesces into one thing, one shape.

Which is exactly how we like it. In the wrong hands, the Toronto band's brand of revved up garage pop could descend into retro territory, into a pastiche of what previously passed as bubblegum.

Yet Hooded Fang don't. Tattered and torn at the edges, each rip and fray is an idiosyncrasy, another sign that this is most definitely not Just Another Garage Rock Band.

Third album 'Gravez' is a collection of stripped back, pared down recordings. Some took place in a friend's bedroom, while others are demos rescued from the clutches of the most basic, malfunctioning equipment.

Out now via Full Time Hobby, the album will be expanded in time for an upcoming UK tour. A handful of bonus cuts have been added, with Clash able to showcase one before anywhere else.

'Night' is all drums which scatter and guitars which melt beneath technology. Sprightly, upright and jaunty, it's the perfect way to end the working week - oh, and you can download it, too.

Hooded Fang are set to play the following shows:

20 Manchester Roadhouse
21 Glasgow Broadcast
23 Birmingham Hare & Hounds
24 London Hoxton B&K

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