On & On VIP

With the media's glare extending to almost all facets of public life, anonymity is becoming a prized commodity.

So perhaps it's not that surprising that Snakehips want to cling onto their own identity. Becoming much sought after, the London based production duo have thus far refused to divulge any information about their background, with even their real names being kept under close guard.

The music, though, is capable of speaking for itself. Sluicing together fluorescent hip hop beats with soulful R&B flourishes, Snakehips nod towards a house sound which is informed by the pure white heat of a Balearic summer.

Championed by Australian beatsmith Flume, Snakehips' next release could well mark a breakthrough of sorts. 'On & On' has a contagious, itchy funk which is difficult to shrug off, an infectious feel which really gets under your skin.

The vocals, though, are what really pushes this track ahead of the game. George Maple takes a star turn, her effortlessly alluring pipes hitting hard but with a sweet after taste - like a boxing glove made out of candy floss. Almost.

ClashMusic have been handed the VIP version of 'On & On' - listen to it below.

'On & On' is set to be given a vinyl release - pre-order details.

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