'Skinless Pt 1'
Deco Child

Bass has always had a spiritual element.

Dub reggae was closely associated with Rastafarianism, with the infinite possibilities suggested by the echo chamber seeming to lead to periods of reflection, to profound introversion.

Deco Child seems to carry on this lineage, but in a deeply modern sense. The London producer introduced himself last year, with Ninja Tune single 'Pray' matching an intense, oppressive bass-led atmosphere to a redemptive use of electronics.

Thus far only a handful of tracks bearing his name have emerged online, but London producer Alex Lloyd has already marked out a very distinct identity. Using subtle brushstrokes, the producer is able to paint out extremely unusual patterns which seem to echo the alienating, often surreal effects of metropolis life.

New single 'Skinless' is split into two parts, reflecting two aspects of Devo Child's persona. Pt. 1 opens with gentle piano chords, before stirring strings add a subtle trip hop dynamic. 

The second part, meanwhile, hinges on Ben Dodson's wistful vocal which contains a frail spirituality. Growing in agitation, Deco Child colours the production with frustration as the lyrics intone: "The less you change, the harder it becomes..."

Listen to 'Skinless Pt. 1' now... Grab it HERE.

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'Skinless' is set to be released on May 13th.


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