'Where I Want To Go'
Roo Panes

Roo Panes has a wandering spirit.

The songwriter's music draws directly from his life, from his experiences. Allowing these to permeate his words and melodies, Roo began sketching out new material while at home in the wide open expanses of Dorset.

“My music comes to me from situations I find myself in,” Panes says. “Those situations can come to me as songs. In terms of first picking up an instrument, my granny was a classical pianist – we’d go to her house, hear her play, and run around in circles. And my mum used to be in a travelling theatre company, so I was encouraged towards culture, towards the arts.”

New album 'Paperweights' drops on March 4th, and it's a mature, rounded offering from the songwriter. New single 'Where I Want To Go To' airs on the same day, and Clash is able to bring it to you before anyone else.

With that calm, deep, resonant voice and minimal arrangement Roo Panes seems to place emphasis on the song as an entity in its own right, lifting upwards and descending downwards in an incredible architecture of sound.

Check it out now.

Catch Roo Panes live at the following shows:

1 Manchester Band On The Wall
2 Bristol Colston Hall 2 (The Lantern)
3 London Cadogan Hall

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