Track Of The Day 19/1 – Gretel Hänlyn


Gretel Hänlyn makes songs that reflect her mood. Sometimes she’s happy, at others she’s sad – sometimes she can’t exactly working out what she’s feeling…

Fresh from a 6Music session, new single ‘Wiggy’ is completely comfortable in its feels. The 20-year-old Londoner named the song after her cat, because it’s about revelling in a chaotic brand of luxury – something Gretel calls “sloppy charisma…”

Moving between sloping indie riffs and blissed out pop aspects, ‘Wiggy’ is an off kilter ear-worm, with the songwriter deliberately pushing her music into fresh climes. Utilising a baritone guitar, she’s forever keen to add unexpected flourishes, moving between startling mood shifts in the process.

A sign of her increased aesthetic confidence, ‘Wiggy’ builds on the success of her excellent debut EP ‘Slugeye’.

Gretel Hänlyn explains…

I’ve always thought it must be so nice to be a cat, to get massages and compliments and have a nice tail, nothing to do. So that’s pretty much what this song is about. I was inspired a lot by the smashing pumpkins / pixies and their punchy, kinda lazy, not-over thought bangers and knew I wanted to capture that sloppy charisma in this song before I even started writing it about my cat.

I wasn’t very far into writing (I’d literally just laid down the baritone guitar/bass line and was getting into the drum sounds) when my mum sent me a photo of ‘Wiggy’ lying on a bed being adorable and it just fit perfectly to the laid back nature of the song that was forming so I went with it.

Tune in now.

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