'Doesn't Kill You'
The Anchoress

It's not often that Clash receives a recommended reading list alongside a new album.

But then, The Anchoress' new record 'Confessions Of A Romance Novelist' isn't like most new albums.

Out on January 15th, it's a literate, ambitious and engrossing return, one infused with years of experience but rooted in a willingness to try something fresh.

Clash is able to premiere new track 'Doesn't Kill You' and it's a brooding yet patiently anthemic cut. Here's an introduction from The Anchoress:

Nietzsche takes front row in this one, alongside Bowie's Low that I was also pretty obsessed with around this time...Written in the midst of a very difficult time in the album's making, when it looked like it might not get finished at all, it's probably one of the most personal songs on the album that deviates somewhat from my original intention to have each song sung by a different character – what you might call a musical ghost writing of sorts...

Cenzo Townshend did a beautiful mix of this despite having to make sense of mix notes sent at 3am from sketchy hotel wifi while I was on tour in Europe. There's lots of my vintage omnichord in there that I inherited as 'asshole tax' from my ex. The title? I promise you it has nothing to do with Kelly Clarkson...

The song is about taking the chaos you find yourself in and channelling it into something more positive. "You have to suffer..." The piano crash at the end was brought to you by a combination of red wine, codeine, and being forced to play through the pain of (what I didn't know at the time was) a detached ligament in my hand when it had all gone a bit Bobby Fischer...

"But the beauty is not the madness / Tho' my errors and wrecks lie about me" (Ezra Pound)

Check it out now.

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