'Why Wait'

Griefjoy make pop music.

Exploratory pop music, off kilter pop music, pop that you can dance to - but pop, nonetheless.

The French four-piece are like a Gallic incarnation of Hot Chip, a slightly saucier Metronomy, and with a new album due to arrive this Spring it's time to get acquainted.

Clash is able to unveil the video for new track 'Why Wait' and it's sheer joy. The buoyant production has that 80s synth pop flavour, married to a post-rave aesthetic that betrays more than a little melancholy.

Shot in stylish monochrome, the flashing on/off visuals match the glistening yet restrained energy in the song itself.

Tune in below.

Griefjoy are set to release their new album this Spring.

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