Honesty - with yourself, with your audience - goes a long way.

Simply put: honest music travels further. So when London raised singer Spark found herself becoming yet another cog in the machine, she knew that something had to change.

Real name Jess Morgan, the rising singer began by selling her own CDs at Walthomstow Market at the age of 13. Returning to the heroes which first inspired her, Spark began making the best music of her career - and ironically, her most successful.

Blessed with a voice which matches a blues-ridden husk to a pop nudge, Morgan assembled the right people around her. "I wanted to work with people that I could be locked in a room for hours or days and be able to sit, talk, create and somehow bring out the best in each other. When people with a shared passion come together…that’s when the best work is created. Masterpieces. Classics".

Sound intriguing? Well, Spark is due to play an extremely intimate London show tonight (September 17th) courtesy of The Society of Golden Slippers.

Ahead of this, Clash are able to preview an acoustic version of new cut 'Her'. Soft and soothing, there's an emotive edge to everything Spark does which draws you in.

Listen to it now.

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