'Veda (1 Pierce Dr.)'
Gabriel Kahane

Los Angeles remains one of the fulcrums of pop culture.

The city can inspire like few other locations, with its influence rippling through everything from Raymond Chandler's fiction to Blade Runner, the music of N.W.A. to the cinematography of Pulp Fiction.

Gabriel Kahane fell under the city's spell some time ago. New album 'The Ambassador' criss-crosses Los Angeles, a psycho-geographical exploration of the city's vast expanse.

The composer explains: "Starting in my late teens I began to spend more time in LA. I found myself chasing its soul - its aspiration, its spirit, its sadness - and wanted to express that. I’ve always had a preoccupation with buildings, and the relationships we form with them. So for this album, I made a list of street addresses that were interesting to me, and then began to explore different narrative approaches for each one."

Given a British release on February 5th, 'The Ambassador' is a fascinating document. Clash is able to premiere 'Veda (1 Pierce Dr.)' and it's a wonderfully poetic vignette.

Redolent of Los Angeles' historic past, its glamour and its poverty, you can tune in below.

Catch Gabriel Kahane at Kings Place, London on March 16th - details HERE.

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