We All Went Down With The Ship
Ed Harcourt

Music is simply pouring out of Ed Harcourt right now.

Inspired, the songwriter delivered 'Back Into The Woods' last year before then heading into the studio with Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Now Harcourt has coughed up a standalone EP of remarkable distinction - don't go expecting studio offcuts, this is a dark, neatly formed document with an identity of its own.

Clash writer Gemma Hampson awarded the EP 8/10, remarking that the "six-track mini-album is touched by darkness – it’s distorted, unsettling, untrustworthy almost, like a creepy character lurking in the shadows".

'We All Went Down With The Ship' is a real high point, a work of quite remarkable intensity. Ghosting Season's own Gavin Miller has stepped in on remix duties, and delivered something in keeping with the atmosphere of the original but with a sound and flavour all of its own.

Brooding electronics wrap themselves around Ed Harcourt's voice, which struggles to reach the surface. It's an ominous re-working, one which retains the orchestral flourishes of the original but presents them in a new, utterly intense manner.

Check it out below.

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