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Reggae Roast

Summer is over.

Outside the Clash office, rain is tumbling down and - if the grey tone of the sky is to be believed - then it's showing no signs of stopping. That tropical spell? Done. Farewell faux Mediterranean weather reports, hello Blighty.

Except it doesn't have to be that way. Britain has a habit of producing transcendent music, something which make the rain go away and the sun come out.

Reggae Roast seem to specialise in it. The collective dropped past a Clash event in East London this summer, and amid a roaring heatwave unveiled a number of upcoming releases.

Rising Leeds producer Tradesman takes the helm on their latest dub. Squelchy, digital dub meets a solid roots vibe, with Parly B adding some flavour on the mic. It's a winning combination - one which worked wonders during those heady summer evenings, and is set to keep us warm as the cold draws in.

Listen to it now.

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