Green Man Takeover
Marika Hackman

Marika Hackman isn't an easy person to peg.

Sure, her acoustic songcraft and pure, lilting voice will see the songwriter pegged in the ever-expanding 'folk' pigeonhole, but the reality is that she's too stubborn, too individual to be given any one label.

Perhaps we should go with a quote from The 1975 singer Matthew Healy: 'some crazy whitey fit of folk'.

Still precociously young, Marika Hackman seems to be increasing in confidence with each passing show. Due to play the Green Man festival in Wales this weekend, Clash are able to present something a little special.

'Retina Television' has become the singer's calling card, a gently etched tale which matched soft, effervescent melody to lyrics which spell a dark tale of falling from grace and infatuation.

A rare acoustic version, this demonstrates the naked songcraft behind Marika Hackman's work.

Listen to it now.

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