Charlotte Carpenter

Charlotte Carpenter is a storyteller, a young artist capable of applying an enormous impact.

New EP 'The Fault Line' will be released on November 13th via her own Let It Go label, and it's a rough-hewn work that leaves a devastating emotional blow.

Somewhere between Delta blues stomp and delicious English folk, the DIY nature of the release leaves the grain, the imperfections left in.

Out shortly, Clash is able to tease 'The Fault Line' with new cut 'Wasted'. Drawn from a very real place, the extremely visual style of songwriting seems to create an entire world to live in.

Charlotte Carpenter explains: "I wanted visually to show myself in a vulnerable position to coincide with the inspiration of the song; I put a lot of trust and faith into someone who disappointed me and at times I felt out of control of my own career, slowly feeling weathered and without hope. I wanted the video to show the aftermath of a situation where someone had been taken advantage of and how that can slowly make you feel like you're losing your mind."

Check it out now.

Catch Charlotte Carpenter at the following shows:

20 Norwich The Owl Sancturary
22 Brighton The Hope
23 London Servant Jazz Quarters
24 Birmingham Sunflower Lounge
27 Leicester The Cookie

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