Some things just stick in your mind.

For Bernard Butler, it was the voice of Pace singer Eden. The pair quickly formed a formidable partnership, working on a flurry of fresh material.

Bernard explains: “I heard Eden's voice and loved the English baritone quality to it along with his open hearted songs.”

Now it seems that Pace are ready to make their next move. The McCartney-esque bubblegum of 'Heartbeat' is almost uniquely contagious, recalling Tobias Jesso Jr. in its easy-going emotion.

It's a song written directly about the band's own experiences: “Heartbeat is a song that captures life in your 20s. It’s a mixture of heartache, growing up, good (and) bad relationships.”

Tune in now.

Catch Pace at London's historic St Pancras Church on June 15th - ticket details.

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