Track Of The Day 14/3 – Sofia Kourtesis


Sofia Kourtesis has an incredible gift for world-building. Each new song from the Berlin based, Peruvian artist seems to consist of an entire realm, her opaque electronics touching on club tropes while making full use of her painterly touch.

2021’s ‘Fresia Magdalena’ was a magnificent achievement, and since then she’s work at her own pace, releasing a steady string of singles, collaborations and remixes.

Out now, new single ‘Madres’ is a toast to femme energy, an airy, refreshing audio journey that blends lysergic layers of sound with heady vocal snippets. Gently overpowering, it seems to enrapture you, caught in stasis with a flood of sound rushing underneath.

Introducing the song, Sofia Kourtesis salutes the influence of those around her, commenting:

“This song is about my mother, her mother, my sisters who are mothers, my brothers who are mothers, and all the LGBTQIA+ members who are mothers to their communities. 
Madres has no gender. 
Madres loves to protect the ones you love. 
If you get lost, follow your mother’s voice, they will always bring you back. 
I also want to dedicate this song to Peter Vajkoczy, a brain surgeon who has become the hope of my own mother! He gives people hope by daring the most complicated surgeries in the world; he believes in miracles, love, and the strength to protect loved ones. 
Life goes by quickly. Life is fragile.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Iván Salinero

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