Check The Technique
Rae & Christian

It's been ten years since Rae & Christian last released a studio album. Ten years in which hip hop has over reached itself, moved beyond parody before finally re-discovering its creative dynamic. 

Ten years in which Rae & Christian have seemingly waited - waited for inspiration to strike, waited for collaborations to be confirmed and waited for the right atmosphere to release their Golden Age tinged beats.

So: a new album, then. 'Mercury Rising' is out on October 20th, it's very much in keeping with the duo's back catalogue. The production is crisp, with a sweet-as-toffee feel running through much of the material.

Yet it's the guest stars which push the album into its own plain. Rae & Christian are able to call on a glittering roll call of MCs and producers, re-creating the atmosphere of those fabled early Grand Central sessions.

'Check The Treatment' finds Rae & Christian joined by the one and only Jazzy Jeff, Australia's Agent 86 and exclusive archive vocals from Tony D. It's a triumphant return, one that will delight devoted fans and win plenty of new admirers in the process.

Listen to it now.

'Mercury Rising' is set to be released on October 20th.

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