'Switch' (Mike Millrain Remix)

Manchester's electronic heritage hardly needs any introduction.

Shuffling out of the shadow of its industrial demise, the city re-invented itself as a crucible for rave culture. The past 25 years have witnessed musical revolution upon musical revolution, with countless producers emerging from Manchester, or even making the city into their home.

Real james James Mullholland, TECHNIQUES is one of the latest voices to emerge from the city. Plying a fine line in pulsating, deeply physical synth-pop with a hardened,melancholic edge, the producer has already attracted the attention of Parisian label Kitsune.

Debut single 'Switch' is out now, and demonstrates the beatsmith's anything-goes policy. Using whatever comes to hand in his home studio, the vocal part was laid down using just a single mic with TECHNIQUES employing "whatever else that was lying around".

Mile Millrain has stepped in on remix duties, peeling apart TECHNIQUES inventive production to place his own stamp on the track. Available to stream first on Clash, check it out below:

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