Somebody To Love

With the original Kathy Brown vocal totally re-contextualised by the dexterity of drum and bass vets Artificial Intelligence in an East London studio after lying effectively dormant for almost 17 years, the challenge to remix anthemic smash 'Somebody To Love' was never going to be easy. Step forward Massappeals.

Very much in a similar camp to fellow trap beatsmith Shackles and moreover, stateside pioneers Flosstradamus, his super-thugged out re-work packs serious heat.

Booming 808s and glitches galore completely transform AI's up-tempo original and although far steelier, it still captures the same feel-good euphoria that Brown's vocals epitomise. Although the trap bubble might have burst a little over the last six months, there is enough here to suggest it still has plenty to offer. 

Listen to it below.

Kathy Brown and Al's 'Somebody To Love', complete with four remixes including Massapeals, will be released on February 2nd.

Words: Tomas Fraser

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