Michael A Grammar

Studios are often boring, staid places - barren rooms with mountains of tech, mainly.

So Michael A Grammar can hardly be blamed for seeking out something rather more imaginative. The Nottingham band recently released their 'Vitamin Easy' EP, using a haunted Victorian Coach-house in the process.

Setting their standards high, the band then sought out a place in the darkest depths of the East Midlands to complete a follow up. Thankfully, Michael A Grammar display the same it, verve and imagination in their music as they do in their choice of studio.

New EP 'Random Vision' presents the results. Living together in a musical commune, Michael A Grammar are able to craft their surroundings to suit their output: "We spent one night lobbing soundproofing from the 5th storey window of a derelict warehouse studio we once recorded in and squeezed it into our Ford KA before driving the little foam pit home and gluing it all to the walls of our basement. We were then able to record night and day."

Set to be released on January 27th via Melodic, 'Random Vision' fuses blissful shoegaze melodies, with light, effervescent rhythms and clipped, focussed arrangements.

Stripped from the EP, 'Suzanna' is bright and breezy fare - but watch out for those lyrics as there's a sting in the tail...

Listen to it now.

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