'I Don't Belong Here'

There's something inherently embarrassing about the creative process.

Putting intimate emotion, hidden feeling out there for all to see can be a process that some find absolutely mortifying.

Los Angeles duo StaG came back last one night, and began sketching out something new. When they woke the next day, the results seemed to strike a nerve - they were much too open, too tender for their own good.

Upping the tempo slightly, the duo set about re-drafting their thoughts, overhauling their feelings. Retaining the essence of the original, 'I Don't Belong Here' is the result.

Innately pop and wonderfully engrossing, the band introduce it thus: "'I Don’t Belong Here' is about feeling completely isolated from your closest friend as he/she/they go through changes. But instead of longing for a reunion or an explanation or a big shouting match, the song is truly just about wanting to comfortably and honestly admit that things are different and that’s okay. The tone of this song is meant to be heartwarming and nostalgic, almost confident in it’s sadder realizations."

Check it out now.

StaG will release new album 'Don't Check Out' on February 26th.

Photo Credit: Julien Garros

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