Matt Kivel

Matt Kivel's new album 'Janus' spans oceans, entire continents, even.

The Los Angeles-based artist became obsessed with the music of Alasdair Roberts, a songwriter from Glasgow. Reaching out, the American singer asked the Scot if he would produce his new record.

Remarkably, Roberts accepted. Matt Kivel flew out to Glasgow, slept in Roberts' front room and the pair began sketching out material for what would become 'Janus'.

Matt Kivel quickly immersed himself in the Glasgow music scene, and many local musicians became collaborators on 'Janus'. Laid down at Green Door Store, it's a record with a rare intimacy, the sparsity of sound recalling Alasdair Roberts' own work.

Out on February 5th (pre-order HERE), this is definitely uneasy listening. The lyrics can often be difficult, the vagaries of language skipping around topics that linger on the dark side of the tracks.

Clash is able to premiere 'Jamie's' and it's a gentle lament. Expert storytelling, Matt Kivel's voice unravels across the minimal sonic template which is occasionally shot through with blasts of feedback.

Check it out now.

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